Wednesday, May 17, 2017

John Randall Abuse Report

Today is Wednesday 17th 2017
The time is around 14:09 ET.
John Randall is located at 814 N 14th Street 113, Lafayette, Indiana.
John Randall was sodomized in his apartment earlier today.
John's muscular form has altered. An opening is now discernible in the undersides of his pelvic area.
John has clearly been sodomized.
John states it was by force although he could not see the penetration or was not conscious at the time.
There is a definite difference in the pelvic area today when compared to the pelvic area from before.
The width of John's anal cavity has increased.
John complains that it is painful and causes him to excrete feces on contact with an invisible force.
Behavior like this would not continue had LPD already incarcerated or executed the terrorist who had originally sodomized John.
John has never engaged in consensual sodomy with another male or female.
John contacted the FBI, MOSSAD, CIA and The President of the United States of America.
Our leader acts appropriate.
All those for a more immaculate institution, may as well be blessed.
John Edward Randall

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